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Harking back to childhood

Generations of Austrians grew up with the citrussy soft drink “Schartner Bombe”. Vetropack Austria in Pöchlarn is producing a new edition of the beverage’s nostalgic green glass bottle.

[more...] 19.01.2016

Vitamins packed into glass bottles

One of Vetropack Group’s biggest customers in Poland is KORKUS, which packages its fruit juices in flint glass bottles made at Vetropack’s Czech glassworks and based on a strikingly simple design.

[more...] 04.01.2016

The new “Baltika”

You probably can’t wait until Friday finally comes around and you can celebrate the end of a long working week by enjoying a beer with your friends. In which case, there is light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the timely arrival of Baltika Razlivnoye Myagkoe, the new brew from Carlsberg Ukraine, which is packaged in glass bottles made by Vetropack Gostomel.

[more...] 25.12.2015

Certificate ISO 22000 for Vetropack Gostomel

In the beginning of December 2015 JSC "Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory" has reached a new level in the quality system according to international standards. It successfully passed the certification audit for compliance of food safety Standard ISO 22000. Thus, the factory occupies a worthy place among Ukrainian and European manufacturers of glass containers.

[more...] 21.12.2015

Commemorative Burgundy bottle

Three centuries ago, a 15,000-strong army of volunteers defeated an Ottoman force during the Ottoman-Venetian War, and this victory has been celebrated every year since with an equestrian competition. To mark the 300th anniversary of this event, Vetropack Straža produced a Burgundy bottle with a special commemorative label.

[more...] 08.12.2015

Full-flavoured sauces

Mayonnaise and tartare sauce are essential elements in many Czech dishes. Vetropack Austria produces 400 ml flint glass jars for these sauces, which are wrapped in an eye-catching sleeve to make them stand out on supermarket shelves.

[more...] 25.11.2015

Elegant Prosecco

Prosecco bottles in cuvée colour are now being produced by Vetropack Straža.

[more...] 10.11.2015

Bud – the quintessential American lager

Products from a brand that reigns supreme need packaging that is fit for a king – which is exactly what Vetropack’s Gostomel plant has been providing since early May.


Harking back to childhood
Vitamins packed into glass bottles
The new “Baltika”
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