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Black Tonic

On hot summer days, we find ourselves longing for nothing more than a dip in the pool or a refreshingly cool drink. So how about a sip of the new Cockta Black Tonic? Vetropack Straža in Croatia produces the black glass bottles for this beverage.

[more...] 17.08.2015

Lviv Brewery celebrates 300th anniversary

To mark the 300th anniversary of the Lviv Brewery in western Ukraine, Carlsberg Ukraine has launched a special beer: “Lvivske 1715”. The green bottles for this beverage are produced by Vetropack Gostomel.

[more...] 05.08.2015

A featherweight champion

The Rhine wine spirits bottle produced by Vetropack Austria is now available in a new light-weight version. Weighing just 450 grams, this elegant flint glass bottle is 20 per cent lighter than its predecessor. The new design also uses less material, which is helping to considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

[more...] 13.07.2015

Vetropack bottles featured at Expo Milano 2015

Nutrition is an essential part of human life, which is why the Expo Milano 2015 world’s fair is taking place under the slogan “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. In the exposition’s Swiss pavilion, decorative sculptures made out of glass packaging are being showcased from 17 June to 12 September 2015 as part of an exhibit by the City and Canton of Zurich and Zurich Tourism. Glass packaging manufacturers Vetropack and O-I have provided 4,000 glass bottles for the display.

[more...] 08.07.2015

Special General meeting of shareholders

Announcement on holding the extraordinary General meeting of shareholders of PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY

[more...] 06.07.2015

Pure and simple splendour

Henniez has updated its complete range of 1 litre bottles. The flint glass bottles used by the Swiss mineral water provider and produced by Vetropack’s Austrian plant in Kremsmünster now come in a dazzling new design.

[more...] 22.06.2015

Organic sunflower oil

Vegetable oils are wonderful natural products, which deserve to be packaged in equally fine containers – such as our amber glass bottles from Ukraine, the first cooking oil bottles to be produced by the Vetropack plant in Gostomel. [more...] 09.06.2015

A new standard model for bottled beer

To guarantee the best possible beer drinking experience, Vetropack has now added a 0.75 litre amber glass bottle to its standard range. The new beer bottle is being produced by Vetropack Straža in Croatia. While it may be based on a standardised model, it still offers a touch of individuality, with customers given a choice between two different mouth designs. [more...] 02.06.2015

A fresh take on a traditional design

A premium spirit, perfectly packaged – these words could certainly be used to describe Palatín’s top-quality brandy. The amber-coloured distillate is encased in a flint glass bottle made at Vetropack’s Slovakian plant. [more...]

Black Tonic
Lviv Brewery celebrates 300th anniversary
A featherweight champion
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