News, 13.08.2018

A bitter, tangy flavour

Jarovska walnut liqueur has a brand new look. Vetropack Gostomel produces the 0.5-litre bottle for this drink. Anyone who likes spirits with a bitter flavour is sure to love this one.

There could not be a greater contrast between the contents of the Jarovska liqueur bottles and their design. While the bitter walnut-based spirit packs a powerful punch in terms of flavour, the green glass bottle made by Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant boasts a simple look. Along with the logo and the name of the spirit, it features the engraved lettering “to je dobre” (meaning “that is good”). The green tone of the bottle is picked up again on the label. A pilfer proof cap adds the finishing touch to the overall look of the long-necked 0.5-litre container.

Jarovska is produced by the LLC national vodka company. The walnuts grow in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine and give the 35% spirit its distinctive bitter yet tangy flavour.