News, 17.05.2019

A blend of traditional and modern

They have been making wine at the Augustinian monastery in the town of Šardice in South Moravia since the middle of the 18th century. The Czech Vetropack plant in Kyjov makes the 0.75-litre glass bottles for the "Augustiniánský Sklep" wine.

"Augustiniánský Sklep" wine is shown off beautifully in this flint glass bottle. The clean lines of the redesigned 0.75-litre glass bottle are simple and eye-catching. Equally eye-catching is the embossed design above the elegant label. It is inspired by the building where the Augustinian wine is made and echoes the flowing script of the name Augustiniánský Sklep. The NEOKLAS Šardice a.s. wine business was founded in 1995. The centuries-old tradition of growing and making wine in the region of Moravia has been practised since then. Wine was first made at the Augustinian monastery in Šardice in the middle of the 18th century. The winery is constantly modernising its production methods while remaining true to the traditional ways of cultivating the vines.