News, 20.01.2020

A thirst-quencher made from spa water

Spa water from the Schlossbrunnen springs in Thalheim is not only enjoyed in its pure form but is also used as an ingredient in brewing beer and making lemonades. Vetropack Austria produces white, green and amber glass bottles for Thalheimer Heilwasser GmbH.

The 330 ml amber glass bottle provides maximum protection from light for Thalheim beer. The back of the bottle neck is adorned with a glass relief in the shape of the company logo. Besides its visual appeal, this helps to align the bottles for filling and labelling. The labels on the front, back and neck of the bottles are mainly green, the colour of the province of Styria.

The various flavours of Thalheim lemonade are also enhanced by the highly mineralised spa water. Vetropack Austria produces 330 ml bottles in white, green and amber glass. The bottle shape features a long body and distinct shoulders. The same white glass bottle for the lemonade is used for the spa water itself, which has been used since Celtic times, although this is also available in a 750 ml bottle as well as 330 ml.