News, 30.04.2018

A vodka steeped in tradition

The Lviv distillery produces distilled drinks of a superb quality. Delights like these belong in high-quality glass packaging, such as Vetropack Gostomel’s flint-glass bottles.

Pronounced yet soft shoulders and a long bottle neck lend the Lemberg Vodka produced by the JSC Lvivska Distillery an elegant yet grounded appearance - as though not even a gust of wind could topple this traditional vodka. The 0.7-litre flint-glass bottles are produced by the glass specialists at Vetropack's Ukrainian plant in Gostomel. The two black-and-white labels are also round like the bottle's shoulders. Lviv's coat of arms - a wall with three turrets and a lion under an archway - is engraved into the upper part of the bottle's reverse side. The lower part of the one-way bottle with a cork cap bears a transparent label with a painting of the city of Lemberg, the German name for Lviv.

The Lviv distillery has already received a great many awards for its spirits and is well known beyond the country's borders. The specialists use grain alcohol graded "Lux" for their vodka. Before the vodka is bottled, it passes through a filter with charcoal and quartz sand, giving it a clear and soft flavour.