News, 02.04.2018

A wide array of vegetables in one jar

For its new vegetable semi-products, the food and beverage manufacturer Hamé based in the Czech Republic has opted for wide-mouth jars made from glass. These are produced at Vetropack’s Czech plant in Kyjov.

Vegetable mixture Peperonatka produced by the Czech food and beverage manufacturer Hamé is a great choice for those who want to prepare a quick yet healthy meal. Vetropack's 375-ml wide-mouth jar can be opened easily and efficiently in one go. The contrast of the luminous red contents, the yellow screw lid and the colourful label create a harmonious overall look.

Peperonatka is made of a combination of chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, courgette, carrots, garlic and tomato purée. It can be prepared with different types of meat. Whether it is baked, cooked, stewed or prepared as a sauce, Peperonatka lends every dish an intense and aromatic flavour.