News, 24.07.2019

Choicest grapes

The dry sparkling wine DUBL ESSE is made of the choicest Greco grapes from the south of Italy. The Italian Vetropack plant makes the glass bottles in the colour Cuvée.

The simple design of the 0.75-litre glass bottle for the Italian sparkling wine DUBL ESSE makes it stand out. Vetropack Italia produces it at the plant in Trezzano sul Naviglio. The three green bands of different widths around the bottle are also very simple. They are a reference to the papal tiara, the crown that the Pope always wears on ceremonial occasions. The Italian designer Fabio Novembre designed the DUBL ESSE range. "Icons of the saints embellished my childhood and filled my head", says Novembre, who won a gold medal for this bottle in the international packaging competition at the Vinitaly trade fair.