News, 26.06.2019

Czech roots

The Czech herbal liqueur Becherovka Original is known and loved far beyond the Czech Republic. Vetropack Nemšova makes the new, modern glass bottles in their characteristic shade of green.

The design of the glass bottles for the popular Becherovka Original is unmistakeable. The green glass bottle was developed in partnership with designers from the prestigious Coley Porter Bell design agency in London, England, by the glass specialists from the Slovakian Vetropack plant in Nemšova. The new design is more modern and contemporary, with the aim of increasing the herbal liqueur's appeal to younger people. The spirit is made using about 20 different herbs and spices. It comes with a pilfer-proof closure and is also available in 0.35-litre bottles.

Becherovka was established in 1807 by the famous Becher family in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Initials of Jan Becher are even engraved on the characteristic flat green glass bottle and his signature is on the label. The bittersweet Becherovka Original can be served as an aperitif or digestif or in a refreshing cocktail.