News, 03.08.2020

Gift of the Carpathian Mountains

The natural mineral water Karpatska Dzherelna is extracted from the depth of 90 metres in the untouched nature of the Carpathian Mountains. In order to preserve the healthy properties of the water, the producer has opted for an environmentally friendly packaging solution – glass bottles of premium quality manufactured by Vetropack Gostomel.

The original 0.5-litre bottle has a teardrop shape that fascinates with its elegant simplicity. The engraving on the surface depicts the mountain landscape and a soaring eagle, thus highlighting the natural origin of the mineral water. The bottle enjoys both a pleasing design and utility: the thickened bottom guarantees stability  hile
100% recyclable material represents the producer’s respectful attitude to the environment.

At Karpatska Dzherelna, the health of the consumer is at the centre of attention. The mineral water is filtered from solids without changing its natural formula. This preserves the primary set of minerals and microelements such as calcium. The mineral water is available both with and without carbon dioxide.