News, 22.01.2018

Distillation at the highest level

The fine fruit brandies made by the Freihof distillery are sold in glass bottles from Vetropack Austria. The fruit comes from the Vorarlberg region of Austria which includes some of the best growing areas in Europe. It gives the spirits a particularly intense flavour.

The Freihof distillery bottles its high-strength fruit brandies in tall, slim, flint glass bottles made at the Austrian Vetropack plant in Pöchlarn. Above the simple labels on the 0.5- and 1-litre bottles, the words “Freihof 1885” are engraved. That was the year when this Vorarlberg distillery was founded. Both the screwcap 1-litre bottles and the 0.5-litre version with a grip cork are finished with the same elegant, snow-white top.

The spirits are distilled in the traditional way using fruit which grows mainly in the mild climate of the Rhine valley in this region. The “Freihof 1885” range was developed last year and includes eight different flavours: from the typical Williams pear to gentian and the fresh and fruity blood orange. These brandies, which are distilled exclusively from fruit and berries with no additives or flavourings, taste equally good neat or as long drinks or cocktails.