News, 04.06.2018

Fresh and modern

New flint glass bottles are being made for the spirits producer St. Nicolaus at Vetropack’s Slovakian plant. The bottles are based on a previous model, but now feature a new shape and engravings.

The way a product looks and feels is important to consumers. Even when it comes to standard spirits, making a product stand out from the competition is the key to success. That is why St. Nicolaus, the largest spirits producer in Slovakia, wanted new glass containers for its own low-cost line. The new 0.5-, 0.7- and 1-litre bottles are being made by Vetropack Nemšová. The Slovakian glass experts worked with the customer to develop the bottle designs. The first two sizes are produced using a narrow neck press-and-blow process and the third with a blow-blow method. The new “Klasik” model is slimmer, its tapered body flowing smoothly into the neck, which boasts an engraved “1867” – the year in which the distillery was founded. The “Klasik” bottle is not the only model to undergo a makeover, with the “Spiritus” standard bottles also being given a new look.