News, 16.04.2018

From Albania’s largest brewery

Vetropack Straža makes the green glass bottles for the "Birra Tirana" beer, brewed in Albania’s capital city. The 0.33-litre glass container is adorned with key symbols stemming from Albania’s history.

The emblems of Albania’s capital city are brought to life on the beer’s green glass bottle, with engravings of a horse, the clock tower or the Skanderberg monument, among other things. The ruling prince George Kastrioti, known as Skanderbeg, defended Albania against the Ottomans in the 15th century – something he has been hailed a national hero for ever since. The glass specialists at Vetropack’s Croatian plant produce the 0.33-litre bottle with a crown cork for the Tirana beer. The glass container has a long bottle neck and a similarly long, slightly contoured body.

"Birra Tirana" is Albania’s largest brewery and has been producing beers, such as Pilsners and lagers, since 1960. The hop drinks contain malt, hops, yeast and water. The light and clear colour and delicate flavour of the humulus lupulus hop, which is also called the "common hop" among specialists, are characteristic features of the beers. The Birra Tirana products stand out from the crowd thanks to their taste and premium quality ingredients.