News, 08.01.2018

From fruity to bitter

Based in Western Switzerland, Dr. Gab’s brewery impresses with its cider and beer in glass bottles from Vetropack Switzerland. Both drinks are available in 0.33-litre containers.

In keeping with the cider theme, the green glass bottle is shaped like an apple – at least its body is. However, the wooden stalk is replaced by the neck of the bottle. The refreshing drink in the 0.33-litre bottle is made entirely from Swiss apples. Refreshing and crisp, the label also radiates green colours.

Vetropack Switzerland produces the containers for both the cider and the Dr. Gab’s hop drinks with a crown cork cap. Beer connoisseurs can choose between four seasonal beers or six traditional ones such as the “Tempête” or the “Chameau”. On one side of the sleek cuvée bottle is an eye-catching “DR. GAB’S” engraving. From light, fruity beers and bitter pale ales right through to black beer, the brewery produces the perfect barley beverage for every taste. They all share the same fermentation process, which takes place in the bottle and through which carbonic acid is produced naturally. The result: unfiltered beer with sediment that get better and better over time.