News, 24.08.2021

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As the legend goes, spring water from the subterranean lake in Podolia in Ukraine once healed the sick daughter of a Polish nobleman. Her name, Regina, became the brand name of the mineral water sourced from that lake. Vetropack Gostomel is adding extra value to this high-quality spring water with a new glass bottle.

Regina – this still, natural product is the queen of Ukrainian table water. Up until 1917 and the fall of the European aristocracy, Regina was delivered to the tabletops of the emperors and exported abroad to Austria-Hungary, Romania, Germany, Poland and France. Even though its well-to-do consumers have since disappeared, the water has maintained its noble properties and helps to maintain a perfect, general bodily tone now as much as ever.

Now Regina is available in 1-litre and 0.5-litre bottles made of green glass, a unique and distinctive vessel. On the base of the bottle is a wave-shaped engraving, a curved logo akin to the chemical symbol for silver. This is not a coincidence – the mineralrich water not only contains trace elements of sodium, calcium and magnesium, but also silver. The precious metal has antiviral properties and strengthens the immune system. It is not only for aesthetic reasons that the bottle is made from glass – this choice of material guarantees that the health-giving water preserves its qualities even when stored for long periods of time.