News, 07.08.2019

Gin with honey

Vetropack Straža produces the white 0.7-litre bottles for the GiniBee gin made by MR SPIRITS d.o.o. in Slovenia. The extravagant design really makes the spirit stand out from the rest.

Not only is the recipe for GiniBee gin full of mystery, but also the design of the flint glass bottles. A thin blue coating gives the 0.7-litre glass bottle a very distinctive appearance and a luxury feel, without losing the properties that make glass unique. An additional feature is the special UV print that protects the gin from UV light. The middle of the waisted bottle is decorated with an overprinted company logo in relief.

This particular spirit, distilled from juniper berries, has an especially sweet extra ingredient. Twenty per cent of the berries are soaked in Slovenian honey before being added to the gin. The company was founded by Rado Mulej, who is a well-known actor and television presenter in Slovenia.