News, 05.02.2018

Healthy drinks within reach

Active and health-conscious people are excited about the new beverage containers made from glass. Vetropack’s Croatian plant produces the 0.65-litre flint glass bottle for the glass shaker.

Those who like to drink homemade milkshakes or smoothies on the move can now take this handy glass shaker produced by Vetropack Straža with them on their travels. The 0.65-litre bottle’s contoured shape allows you to mix beverages easily. This option is ideal if you don’t have much time to prepare drinks at home as you can also mix them when you’re out and about. Silicone rings surround the glass container and lend it durability, meaning that you can also use the shaker with confidence during sporting activities. The engraved measurement scale helps you to easily get the right amount of ingredients. The Slovenian company GlassShaker d.o.o. distributes this exclusive product, which serves as an excellent gift for yourself or others. The glass shaker can also be personalised with an engraving of your desired text on the silicone rings. G

lass protects the contents against external influences, meaning flavours and vitamins remain intact for a long time. A strong argument for healthy drinks.