News, 10.07.2019

Honey from Croatia

The two clear wide-mouth jars that Vetropack Straža makes are reserved only for honey from Croatia. Each jar must be officially registered and bear the label of the Croatian Beekeepers’ Federation.

Vetropack Straža produces the wide-mouth jars in two sizes for the Croatian Beekeepers’ Federation: 720 millilitres and 580 millilitres. Two more (smaller) sizes are being developed. The design has been kept simple, with a small, engraved honeycomb motif on the front.

The flint glass jars can only be filled with honey that meets the quality standards of the Croatian Honey Regulations. Among other things, it must come from Croatia itself and bear the producer's own label. In 2018, 7 December was declared Honey Day in schools. That is the saint's day of St Ambrose, the patron saint of beekeepers, and it is also International Honey Day. All the children who had just started school in Croatia were given a jar of honey.