News, 23.04.2018

Marinated vegetables

With its two wide-mouth jars, Vetropack Moravia Glass demonstrates just how wonderful vegetables look in a jar. One is tempted to open the clear glass jars and taste their contents right away.

Both of the wide-mouth jars, which are made from flint glass at Vetropack's Czech plant, are designed for the vegetable mixtures produced by NÁHLÍK transport, s.r.o. The contents are clearly visible, and not just because flint glass does not hide anything. Even the round label resplendent on the twist-off cap allows for a free view of the appetising contents. The 520-ml glass container encasing peppers filled with fresh cheese and marinated cabbage is reminiscent of an amphora - a famous vessel dating back to the ancient world. Oil, wine and grains were just some of the things stored and transported in these bulbous, narrow-necked jugs with two handles. The slightly spicy peppers, grown in the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic, are also surrounded by oil - sunflower oil, to be precise.

Soaking in a sweet-and-sour liquid rather than oil, the vegetable mixture features onions, gherkins, peppers and carrots laid out in aesthetically pleasing layers of each type of vegetable. This mixture in a 425-ml jar is the perfect accompaniment for a variety of dishes.