News, 05.10.2020

Refreshing and herbal

Refreshing herbal bitter drinks are popular at the moment. Spar Austria has launched two particularly popular varieties as a squash in an elegant white glass bottle from Vetropack Austria.

Bitter drinks are particularly popular, not least due to the diverse range of gin specialities and the associated revival of long drinks. They are no longer just alcohol mixers but can also be drunk neat or enjoyed as an alcohol-free cocktail.

In line with this trend, Spar Austria has expanded its squash range to include the Tonic and Wild Berry varieties. A specially developed slender 0.5-litre white glass bottle is being used for these new, bitter varieties, thus achieving a particularly high-quality appearance. The slightly inward-curving shape beneath the shoulder means the bottles sit particularly well in your hand. Vetropack Austria manufactures these bottles in its Pöchlarn plant in Lower Austria.

When mixed with mineral water, Spar Tonic and Wild Berry taste exactly like premixed bitter drinks. However, the amount of squash in the drink can be adjusted to suit individual tastes.