News, 21.11.2019

Refreshing juniper

King’s Bridge™, a drink extremely popular in Ukraine, is changing its look. As of this year, the low-alcohol, gin-based mixed drink is also available in a 0.33 ml white glass bottle, manufactured at Vetropack’s Gostomel plant.

The Ukrainian manufacturer King’s BridgeTM reviewed its production line earlier this year and made a few adjustments. Previously, the gin-based mixed drink had only been available in cans. An agreement was reached with Vetropack’s Gostomel plant to manufacture 0.33 ml white glass bottles. The elegant long-necked bottle is a good match for an urban attitude to life. The transparent label also heightens its effortless style, and a twist-off crown cap finishes the look.

The three different flavours are complemented by King’s Bridge Gin, specially produced for this brand. Consumers are presented with a low-alcohol sparkling drink with a unique and refreshing taste and the fragrance of juniper characteristic of gin.