News, 16.07.2018

Regional roots

Tirola Kola, a brand owned by the Austrian company Privatquelle Gruber, has successfully established itself in Austria's catering, hotel and food retail industry. Vetropack Austria makes the flint glass bottles for this local thirst-quencher.

Tirola Kola, a soft drink from the lowlands of Tyrol, is packaged in protective and eye-catching flint glass bottles. These multi-trip bottles with a striking shoulder design are produced by Vetropack Austria. Tirola Kola is available in 0.33-litre and 1-litre bottles, with an aluminium MCA screw cap. The drink consists of mountain spring water flavoured with spruce needle extract, Swiss pine and exotic kola nut.

Privatquelle Gruber brands are rooted in a strong principle of sustainability, with an emphasis on 100 per cent consideration and responsibility for the environment. In addition to natural mineral water and soft drinks, the Tyrol-based family-run company also bottles fruit juice-based beverages, syrups and energy drinks.