News, 03.02.2020

Simple beauty

Vetropack Kyjov is producing new 0.33 litre soft drink bottles for the well-known Bohemsca lemonades. The simple shape is reflective of the naturally sourced ingredients.

The flint glass bottle stands out because of its clear and simple shape. The proportion of used glass in production amounts to 50 per cent, emitting significantly less CO2. This ecological aspect suits the Bohemsca products well as they are exclusively made from natural and locally sourced ingredients. The raw products used are also featured on the labels. The practical screw cap makes the refreshing drink a good companion for everyday life and during your free time.

Bohemsca cola, lemonade and tonic water are all free from additives, preservatives and artificial colourings. The drinks are suitable for vegans as well as those with a gluten intolerance and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. They are an expression of modern life with a hint of nostalgia.