News, 20.06.2019

Sparkling wine wins Ukrainian packaging prize

The 0.75-litre sparkling wine bottle has been recognised as one of the best packaging solutions in the country in the “Ukrainian Star Pack” competition. Vetropack Gostomel is responsible for manufacturing the cuvée bottle.

The stylish shape of the bottle captivates with its elegance, and its large body merges harmoniously into its long neck. This slim neck and the strikingly small mouth are unique on the Ukrainian market. The strong cuvée green echoes the shape of this sparkling wine bottle, which appears imposing and generous at the same time. Vetropack’s Gostomel plant in Ukraine introduced the popular cuvée colour a few years ago. The sparkling wine bottle has been specially designed for a customer. Alongside sparkling wines, it is also suitable for their non-sparking counterparts as well as other fizzy and still drinks. The bottle can be closed with a standard or crown cork or a plastic stopper, giving it an advantage on the market.

With this accolade, Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant has now scooped an impressive 15 “Ukrainian Pack Awards”.