News, 01.06.2021

Stunning views behind glass

The opening of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, can rightly be considered historic, because it took almost a century of waiting till it will be constructed. The idea of creating an installation that would unite the park Saint Volodymyr Hill with the People's Friendship Arch in Soviet times, but the bridge opening took place only in the spring of 2019 on the occasion of the City Day.

The pedestrian and bicycle bridge, or as it is also called Volodymyrskyi, has already been branded the new architectural landmark of the capital. And this is not surprising, because the design of such a scale, shape, and beauty can not be unnoticed.

The bridge has an interesting zigzag shape with hemispherical observation decks at the bends and connects the park Saint Volodymyr Hill and the People's Friendship Arch - one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

As the bridge is both pedestrian and bicycle, a bicycle path with a special traffic sign stretches in the center, the entire structure along, and its color contrasts sharply with the pedestrian paths, creating an interesting visual effect.

Glass pillars provide a great opportunity to enjoy the unsurpassed views of the city, the charming Dnipro, which is shuttled in different directions by tourist boats, and the mysterious slopes of parks, covered with dense forests and colorful lines of the city. Also at the base of the bridge, a kind of glass "windows" were installed, which offer an interesting view of the foot of the bridge and the highway. Local citizens and guests of the city had great doubts about them, but the Mayor calmed all the concerned and emphasized that the glass is extremely strong and can withstand a load of 1000 kilograms per square meter, and also personally tested a glass panel by jumping on it.

When it comes to size, the length of the bridge is 212 meters, width is from 6 meters in regular areas and up to 14 meters in the areas of observation decks. The main materials are concrete, iron, and glass. “Volodymyrskyi” Bridge is the same case when a tandem of such bulky materials form such an extremely airy and light-looking structure. And this is only in appearance because the weight of the supports themselves is about 500 tons.

Using glass as one of the main materials is a surprisingly successful solution because it gives lightness to the whole structure and creates a feeling of infinity. Nowadays, this material is increasingly used in architecture, because it, thanks to its flexibility and versatility, makes it possible to embody the most unusual and innovative ideas of artists.