News, 12.06.2020

Sustainable and convenient

The new jars designed for the internationally known spice powder Vegeta Maestro stand out for their attractive and modern look. Podravka developed the jars in cooperation with its long-term business partner Vetropack Straža.

The new spice jars appear to be larger than their predecessors, but they actually have the same diameter and hold the same quantity. This impression is created by the push-up floor. Vetropack Straža was able to use the narrow-neck press-blow method to produce this floor.

The new design provides more space on the label for communication with consumers. This allows them to see at first glance that the product contains 100% natural spices. There is also another new and very practical function. The cap of both the mills and shakers can be removed so that the jar can be refilled with spices from the bag. The shakerʼs cap has larger holes, which make it easier to use coarser spices. The new jars therefore fulfil customer requirements for sustainable and modern packaging which is easy to handle.