News, 15.10.2019

The genie in the bottle

For many decades now, Maraska d.d. has been filling their liqueurs and spirits in 0.7-litre Zadar bottles produced by Vetropack Croatia. The original bottle has been given a modern screw cap. A bigger version of the bottle has also been designed for export.

The entire body of the bottle has been engraved to look like crystals. The stopper used previously has been replaced by a screw cap, which offers more security and protection during transport and delivery. In addition to the traditional bottle, a new 0.75-litre bottle has been designed. It has the same cross-section as the 0.7 litre bottle but is slightly taller. This bottle is designed for global export.

Maraska’s Maraschino liqueur is made from sour cherries in the Croatian port city of Zadar following a traditional recipe. The Marasca cherry with its very intense flavour is originally from Asia. Besides Maraschino, Maraska d.d. also makes other high-quality spirits as well as fruit juices and jams.