News, 26.08.2019

The Sun Rises

The Lavaux terraced vineyards are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Their sunny location makes the steep slopes above Lake Geneva one of the most beautiful wine-growing regions in Switzerland delighting passing visitors and artists alike.

Vetropack Switzerland produces this slightly conical 0.7 litre bottle. The sun logo, which is engraved on the neck of the new Vaudoise bottle with a BVS 28/44 mouth, echoes the sun-kissed growing region. The logo and hand-written “Chardonne” lettering were created by Vetropack designer Jean-Franck Haspel: in 2003, the winner of the Prix Vetropack got to design his own bottle, and it is this Vaudoise with its high cork finish that is still in use today. The design is owned by the “the Syndicat agricole et viticole de Chardonne et Jongny société coopérative”, which is based in Chardonne, in the Canton of Vaud.