News, 10.09.2019

The traditional design

In the Czech Republic, Božkov Originál has been associated with good quality and tradition for decades. Vetropack’s Czech plant in Kyjov manufactures the 1-litre bottle for the golden-yellow Tuzemák.

The traditional bottle for Božkov Originál is made from white glass. The label takes pride of place between two engravings – the company logo on the neck and the brand name on the base. The third engraving highlights the decades-long tradition.

Božkov Originál (previously called “Domestic Rum”) has been produced at the Czech distillery Stock Plzeň-Božkov s.r.o. since 1948 and it is the biggest brand on the whole market. Its virtually unchanged make-up, comprising the finest alcohol, soft Pilsen water and different rum flavours give the drink its balanced taste. The best-selling Tuzemák in the country can be enjoyed neat but also with mixers or in baking.