News, 24.08.2020

Timeless design

In the course of the last decades, the bottle designed for Fonti S. Bernardo with its water drops motif has become a style icon. Today, the 26 cl white glass bottle is produced at Vetropack’s Trezzano sul Naviglio plant.

Fonti S. Bernardo was founded in 1926 in Garessio, in the Piedmont region (Italy), to bring the purest and lightest of waters that flow from the nearby springs to all the Italian tables; this mineral water, in fact, comes from the Maritime Alps, an uncontaminated environment at 1300 metres above sea level. In the mid-90s the famous designer Giorgetto Giugiaro designed for this brand the famous bottle “Gocce”, which is still appreciated all over the world and characterises Acqua S. Bernardo for its elegance and distinguished Italian style.

S. Bernardo entered the world of carbonated soft drinks in 2017 and the 26 cl bottle, produced in white glass at the Vetropack Italia plant, is dedicated to this line with its bright colours, strong aromas and unforgettable taste. Freshness is a concept that is clearly expressed throughout this refreshing drink range, including great fresh flavours (lime and ginger, lemon and mint, and bitter orange and cinchona) as well as more traditional varieties such as orange, pink grapefruit, ginger ale, soda and many others – all available to enjoy.