News, 29.10.2019

Total sustainability

Vetropack Switzerland produces this cuvée-coloured 75-centilitre burgundy bottle for the first organic red wine made by the Rouvinez winemaking family from Valais. The lightweight bottle plays a part in “Nez Noir” being generally acknowledged as one of the most environmentally friendly wines in Switzerland.

The burgundy-style bottle is distinguished by its light weight. Less material and energy are required to manufacture it. The distance from St-Prex to the bottling plant also reduces CO2 emissions. The Rouvinez family began the switch to organic wine a few years ago. “Nez Noir” (“black nose”) is the first wine to bear the “Bio-Umstellung” organic label. The wine is a blend of merlot, syrah and gamaret and is named after the Valais Blacknose sheep. In spring, these sheep graze happily on the grass and weeds between the vines. This means that the soil is maintained gently and in perfect harmony with nature.